The MS Residence is a masterpiece  combination of Art Deco elements, Louis XV, and Arabesque.

This 960 m2  exquisitely luxurious apartment overlooks the beautiful Ramlet-El-Bayda bay in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon.

Each piece of furniture and decorative element has been meticulously created and drawn by Wood n’ Us lead interior designer and artist Mr. Vrej Demirdjian, including the “Trompe-L’oeil” painting (that we see in the 3rd photo below next to the dining table), the ceilings and the flooring designs as well as arabesque paintings.

All works, from gros-oeuvre, electricity, HVAC, Sanitary, Kitchens, to furniture and decorative finishing have been completely engineered, designed and executed by Wood n’ Us team of professionals under the supervision of Mr. Vrej Demirdjian.

The MS Residence